Publication News

Hey! I’m excited to share some upcoming publication news. My essay Considering Wheat as a Patience Play has been chosen by Isele Magazine for the September 15th Edition. Read more exceptional essays here, and check out all of Isele’s recent selections here.

My poem Lady Godiva’s Mercy Ride has been selected by the South Bend Art Museum for their upcoming Ekphrastic Poetry Chapbook. More info will be coming soon. I worked on this ekphrastic poem, inspired by Anna Hyatt Huntington’s sculpture, Lady Godiva, for quite a while, and ended up with a three-part poem. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my great-grandmother was a teacher in South Bend, Indiana, right around the corner from the museum, and that my maternal grandmother loved the Lady Godiva sculpture so much, she made a painting of it!

Click on the link to learn more about Anna Hyatt Huntington and her life and work.

Happy Reading, Welcome to Fall!

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