Flash Fiction Workshop

Join Christina-Marie and the Creative Writers Association for a Flash Fiction Workshop this coming Sunday March 8th, from 4-6 pm at Cultivate.

Write a short short story of 300, 500 or 1,000 words and bring it to the workshop for peer or small group review.

Look for our table at Cultivate, in the Main Cafe area. Excellent coffees, beverages and snacks are available for purchase, but purchase is not required to participate.

This workshop is free and open to serious creative writers. For those who are not currently students, a suggested donation of $7 to $15 applies. Funds raised will support the Creative Writers Association of Eastern Michigan University. We ask that writers commit the full 120 minutes to the workshop, so everyone has a chance to receive feedback on his/her/their projects.

Email to RSVP

current and Upcoming Events

  • I’m excited to join forces with many regional and local dancers February 28th in the Seventh Annual Bollywood Bash
  • This on-line showcase will benefit Sanctum House – a residential rehabilitation facility for female victims of trafficking.
  • Geeked to announce that my flash-fiction story Ruckus at the Farm Stand will be published March 27 by an indie literary journal: Sad Girls Club.
  • Also I’m graduating (again) Watch this space for news about my project subLIMINAL which will be included in EMU’s MA Thesis Showcase.
    (Likely on-line from April 20-31st 2021.)

    My thoughts about this development…

    I’m excited to share that I am concluding my Master of Arts Course of Study at EMU. After teaching for 9 years in the Music and Dance Program as a Part-time Faculty member, I switched departments in 2019 to return to study. This time focusing on literary art-making. I have loved my journey into Literature, Poetry, Poetics. And of course, writing! Along the way, I got to study Women’s and Gender Studies, Visual Art and Pedagogy. Since Pedagogy is a research interest, and I’ve presented work on holistic student learning outcomes, applying my previous teaching experience to undergraduate student writing, instead of dance-making, was an interesting challenge.

    I’ve enjoyed a wonderful two years with the dynamic, multi-disciplinary faculty of Creative Writing. Housed in the Department of English Language and Literature, in the Pray-Harrold building, the program HQ is right across from the dance studio digs in the Warner Building. Across campus, but a whole discipline over. It’s been a fabulous immersion experience for me.

    I’ve enjoyed teaching Composition I: Writing the College Experience and Composition II: Researching the Public Experience within the First Year Writing Program. I have enjoyed each and every Writing Workshop, gaining the opportunity to study with amazing poets, novelists, and essayist with national and international reputations. Carla Harryman, Rob Halpern, Christine Hume, and Matt Kirkpatrick, who is serving -kindly- as my Thesis Project Advisor.