Community Outreach

Recent Community Outreach Projects include our Evening of Performance & Poetry at Cultivate Coffee and Tap House, Ypsilanti. Christina-Marie curated a team of musical artists, dance artists and poets and we gathered together in the tent in the Beer Garden for an unforgettable evening.

Thanks to all the artists, the audience, Cultivate and First Fridays for a lovely event.

We hope to perform at First Fridays Ypsilanti again in the Spring!

3 thoughts on “Community Outreach

  1. aalarithy

    Dear Christina,

    Your blog is stunning, it is so easy to navigate and the images and the essence of you just comes out through the screen. The font along with the tones of grey and teal is a good combination. I can not wait to explore more. Thank you for sharing!



  2. Joe Bishop

    Christina-Marie, I wish I had been able to attend one of your events–sounds like they were fun. And, I agree with Ali about the nice look of your site!


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